about us

Pilates is a wonderful well-rounded form of exercise. It is not just about stretching nor just about abdominals. Pilates teaches you to work from your core, but is a full body workout that uses springs to create resistance in addition to working with one’s own body weight. Pilates creates a body awareness that most people don’t have, it helps to bring strength, flexibility, and balance back to a person. The thing that drew Marie in the most and what made her decide to become an instructor was how much Pilates can help people do what they really love and do it better. Whether it is golf, running, swimming, cycling, strength training or just starting out, you name it and Pilates will help.

At AB & Flow, the goal is to bring people together with all different fitness background with the common goal of getting fit, having fun and feeling great! Pilates is not the end all be all workout BUT it is going to help you be better at whatever it is you love doing - even if that is sitting on a patio drinking Rose.