About Our Classes


Private Sessions

These sessions are all about you!  One-on-One attention, focusing specifically on your needs and goals.


Duet Sessions

Bring your friend!  Everyone loves working out with a buddy and duets are great for that. This is a semi privatesession (two clients) with one instructor where you will receive more personalized attention than what a class setting offers.



Anything but basic, this class will awaken your muscles…all of them…so leave your Starbucks and Ugg boots at home! #BasicAF is a great intro to Pilates for newbies, those who need a refresher or those who have done Pilates via the mat version.


#FitAF offers a faster pace geared toward those who have taken a few Pilates classes and are familiar with the basic positions and equipment (i.e. Reformer and Chair).   Looking for a challenge that’s both mental and physical? Ask, and you shall receive.


No cliff diving necessary, if the rush of adrenaline is what you’re after you can get it right here. At Ab&Flow we thrive on pushing ourselves beyond the status quo.  #ExtraAF is unlike any other “advanced Pilates class” you may have taken in the past. This fast-paced class offers a completely new experience for regular Pilates enthusiasts looking to up their game!  


To put it simply, Pilates is geared towards lengthening and strengthening our bodies. With that said, we all want to get #SweatyAF every now and then, am I right?! This high intensity class will elevate your heart rate through cardio movement while maintaining Pilates principles we know and love.